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Next Generation Water Security and Contamination Early Warning System

Water is the lifeblood of our planet and ensuring the security of our water sources is an ever-growing necessity in today's globalized world. AquaTec™ is a smart early-warning solution for detecting contaminants in water using sophisticated technology to observe and analyze fish group behaviours.

Innovative Next Generation System

AquaTec™ revolutionary approach uses computer vision to monitor fish group behaviour and sophisticated algorithms to analyze and detect changes in water quality accurately and quickly.


Every minute matters when it comes to detecting contamination in our vital water supplies. AquaTec™'s breakthrough technology is capable of detecting changes in less than 15mins allowing for earlier intervention actions to avert potential disasters.

24/7 Security

AquaTec™ operates and provides assurance of water quality autonomously ensuring water security round the clock and frees up manpower for other critical tasks.

Remotely Accessible

AquaTec™'s software allows the relevant personnel to monitor the status of water sources remotely via the internet - allowing greater overview and quicker response times in times of crisis.

Mass Deployable

AquaTec™ is a scalable solution allowing multiple base stations to be networked to a central control server so it is possible to monitor multiple water sources in different places from a single location effectively.

Applicable for Multiple Water Sources

AquaTec™ has been designed to be easily deployed even in outdoor environments so it can be used to secure different water sources from lakes and canals to reservoirs.

Tiered Alert System

AquaTec™'s algorithms detect abnormality in fish behaviours and even distress and produce tiered alerts from normal to early warning to critical to trigger appropriate response actions. Customizable visual and audio alerts ensure no threat is left unattended to for greatest peace of mind.

Meet AquaTec™

Cutting-edge solution designed and custom built in Singapore to ensure your water security.