SecurTEC Surface

Advanced security solution based on autonomous intelligent surveillance

Today's increasingly complex world requires security solutions that are robust and scalable. ZWEEC's SecurTec™ Surface is a sophisticated intelligent surveillance solution that monitors and analyzes visual data to detect and track potential security threats with great accuracy and effectiveness.

State-of-the-Art Smart Technology that Tracks, Detects and Differentiates

The result of years of development and rigorous testing, SecurTEC™ Surface is powered by ZWEEC's proprietary software that is capable of detecting multiple incident scenarios from abandoned or removed items to suspicious activity like loitering or unauthorized access to restricted areas. Crowd management is also made easy with algorithms that recognize abnormalities in traffic patterns and even fights or falls.

Accurate Threat Detection Without Human Error

SecurTEC™ Surface effectively distinguishes threats from non-threat incidents setting a new benchmark in smart surveillance. It also greatly reduces missed threats based on human error or fatigue - providing increased situational awareness through autonomous and concurrent tracking of multiple scenarios.


SecurTEC™ Surface is designed to easily network multiple cameras with a central control server so it is possible to monitor numerous different areas from a single location effectively.

24/7 Security With Remote Access

With SecurTEC™ Surface gaps in security are minimized as monitoring is autonomous and continuous. Security staff are freed from inefficient monitor watching and alerted when security threats arise. SecurTec‚Äôs remote accessibility features mean that you can check on your home or facility even if you are off site for complete peace of mind.

Tiered Alerts

SecurTEC™ Surface features customizable tiered alerts so you can ensure appropriate warning and response actions are taken for varying levels of security threats.

Home to Enterprise Solutions

SecurTEC™ Surface's advanced system has been rigorously tested in a variety of environments from homeland security to home surveillance - making it the perfect solution whether you are looking to secure an individual home or an entire facility.

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