SecurTEC Water

State-of-the-art water safety system detects distress before drowning

Drowning is one of the leading causes of unintentional death and injury worldwide. SecureTEC™ Water is a state-of-the-art solution that uses computer vision to detect and alert of distress even before drowning to save lives.

Early Warning Distress Detection

Every split second is precious when it comes to saving a person struggling in water - unlike other systems that rely on detecting how long a person has remained submerged, SecureTEC™ Water utilizes computer vision powered by advanced software algorithms to detect signs of distress earlier and increases vital response times.

High Accuracy for Risk Detection

Utilizing the latest in intelligent surveillance technology, SecureTEC™ Water is able to accurately differentiate between various swimming states from normal to play to distress and critical drowning for quick appropriate action to be taken when necessary.

24/7 Monitoring, Not Prone to Fatigue or Human Error

SecureTEC™ Water operates round the clock and is even able to alert of unauthorized access during restricted times. It greatly increases safety by reducing monitoring lapses due to human error of fatigue - making it the perfect tool for lifeguards on duty to increase situational awareness.

Wide Coverage With Multiple Event Tracking

With the ability to monitor multiple swimmers and incidents at the same time, SecureTEC™ Water ensures equal coverage of the swimming area.

Unobtrusive Technology, No Wearables, No Batteries to Recharge, Install and Use

SecureTEC™ Water relies on cameras installed on site for smart monitoring and does not rely on devices that swimmers need to wear - so there are no wearables to purchase, manage and maintain or batteries to recharge.

State-of-the-Art Software Features

From the start, SecureTEC™ Water was designed to be the most advanced swimming safety system with cutting-edge features which include tiered alerts and audio & visual warnings with location indicators to ensure peace of mind.

Home to Enterprise Solutions

The scalability of the SecureTEC™ Water solution makes it perfect for deployment in small to mid sized home pools to even large pools in hotels and public swimming areas.

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