ZWEEC Algapro™20S is a fully automated Phytoplankton recognition and counting system to monitor and prevent harmful algal blooms (HABs). This technology is developed based on Deep Learning algorithms and expert knowledge.


High Processing Speed and Capacity
15 units of water samples in 6 hours (4X time and cost savings compared to existing methods)


High Accuracy
More than 80% accuracy in recognizing the genera of Phytoplankton; provides accurate analysis of multiple parameters, such as algae type, proportion, quantity and density


Fully Automated System
Simplifies sample preparation and loading process; overcomes manpower constraints


Deep Learning Algorithm
System developed based on integration of Deep Learning capabilities with expert knowledge

ZWEEC’s fully automated Phytoplankton recognition and counting technology has been adopted by the Yangtze River Authority (Yangtze River Monitoring and Scientific Research Centre). The Yangtze River Authority has recently published a report on this breakthrough technology in a news report.

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Technical Specifications