Corporate Logo


ZWEEC is a forward-looking technology company providing cutting-edge solutions. The futuristic animated logo is unique and reflects ZWEEC’s commitment to push beyond the traditional boundaries of thought and technology.

The construction of the logo is intricate and multi-layered yet its final shape is a simple yet beautiful iris-shaped form – communicating how ZWEEC transforms sophisticated and complex technologies into complete and elegant solutions.

Blue is the color of stability and trust and is the core color of the logo. As the ZWEEC team is deeply passionate about what they do  red is infused into that blue to give the logo hues of violet as well.

The logo itself is “organic” and can take different forms – static in print or animated on screen with its colors in constant flux – yet the core iris-shape remains obvious and coherent. In the same way, ZWEEC is alive and always evolving, yet its core DNA remains steadfast to deliver its vision for tomorrow.