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ZWEEC is a Singapore-based technology company focused on creating innovative water technology solutions. We carry out extensive technological research to develop cutting-edge water solutions such as AquaTEC™️ – an intelligent biomonitoring system for the early warning detection of contamination in drinking water. ZWEEC also has an expanded portfolio of advanced water safety technologies such as Algapro™️20S – a fully automated Phytoplankton recognition and counting system to monitor and prevent harmful algal blooms, and FishWay Watcher™️ – a fully automated underwater fishway monitoring system for water infrastructures. ZWEEC is committed to helping our customers solve challenging water safety problems in water and environmental sectors.

ZWEEC’s leading water technology solutions have been implemented in Singapore, the US, China, Taiwan and the Middle East and have won numerous awards.



To be the most sought after business solutions provider in safety and security using innovative, sustainable and cost-effective technologies


Leverage on our Patented, Proven and Practical Solutions
-To provide accessible, affordable and safe drinking water to the people
-To create a smart and safe community focusing on safety and security concerns of residents

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