Water Treatment and Remediation

Case Study: River Treatment and Remediation in Guangxi

This project took place at a river in Guangxi Province. Due to the development of industry and agriculture along the banks of the river, the water quality of the river basin has been polluted.

By using ZWEEC’s proprietary chemical powder (OZ-WTP-01) for water treatment and remediation, the water quality has improved. A proprietary bacterial strain will be used in the later stages of treatment to increase the activity of the water body. The space where microorganisms and algae grow will eventually form an ecologically balanced system of natural circulation.

Water Quality

Parameter Before Treatment After Treatment Type Ⅲ Standard (GB3838-2002)
DO(mg/l) 3.55 6.50 ≥5 mg/l
COD(mg/l) 55.00 10.00 <20 mg/l
BOD(mg/l) 2.40 8.70 4 mg/l
TP(mg/l) 1.29 0.09 <0.2 mg/l
A/N(mg/l) 4.26 0.74 <1.0 mg/l
Permanganate Index 18.80 3.40 ≤6 mg/l

Project Details

Project name River water treatment
Location Guangxi Province, China
Water quality Surface Water Environmental Quality Standard GB3838-2002 Surface water type IV
Product quality Surface Water Environmental Quality Standard GB3939-2002 Surface water type III
Treatment product OZ-WTP-01
Project commissioned Oct 2020