Aquapro™ is ZWEEC’s smart biomonitoring technology. It provides a first-line quick alert of the presence of a wide spectrum of toxic contaminants, both organic and inorganic, in the water so that immediate responsive action can be taken before the situation becomes critical, saving time, and downstream costs. Water quality can be monitored continuously 24/7, in real-time with remote monitoring capabilities.

Aquapro™ systems have been deployed with water utilities in Singapore-Fish Activity Monitoring System(FAMS), Greater China (China and Taiwan), USA, Australia and the Middle East.

Water Quality Monitoring in High Turbidity

ZWEEC’s proprietary biomonitoring technology has been known for water quality monitoring of treated water over the past decade.

The newly upgraded system, Aquapro™ is now also able to operate directly in high turbid water (up to 150 NTU) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and visualization enhancement, enabling effective and accurate water quality monitoring of untreated (raw) and treated water environment.

Tiered Alert System, Including the Early Warning

Aquapro™ is able to monitor 20 fish in motion at high accuracy. When there are abnormalities in fish behaviour and water quality is detected, the system automatically triggers various alerts and sends them to the end-users via email or SMS.

Low Maintenance

Aquapro™ is equipped with an Automatic Flushing feature. It prevents the accumulation of sediments that could, over time, affect the system visualization. At the same time, enable less frequency of service maintenance.