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Thank you for visiting ZWEEC at the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2022

If you missed our event “The Future of Water”, please feel free to watch the recording of the panel discussions and read the press releases of our project signings at SIWW 2022.

Hope you enjoyed the session and found it insightful.

Feel free to reach out and let us know if there are any topics you would like us to cover in our next event!



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May - June 2022

ZWEEC Analytics Inks Partnership with Yangtze River Authority (Water & Wastewater Asia May/June 2022 p. 9)

April 2022

ZWEEC Analytics and Yangtze River Authority signs partnership agreement to develop and market water ecological environmental monitoring platform in China

April 2022

ZWEEC Analytics, IONI Water sign MOUs with partners from China and India to provide access to safe drinking water in the region

April 2022

VIZZIO signs MoU with ZWEEC for cooperation in the Fields of Water Quality Monitoring, using Geo-Spatial Technology, A.I. and Digital Twin in the Domains of Utilities

April 2022

Internationalising Singapore's Innovative Water Technologies to Achieve Water Security, Water Sustainability and Provide Safe Drinking Water in the Region

March – April 2022

ZWEEC Analytics is all about developing relevant and smart water technologies to safeguard water resources (Water and Wastewater Asia Mar/Apr 2022 p.63)

January 2022

Diving deep into the issue of algal blooms with artificial intelligence p. 38

Sep - Oct 2021

ZWEEC Analytics is featured in Water & Wastewater Asia Sep/Oct 2021 for its technology innovation that revolutionises the identification and counting of planktonic algae

Aug 2021

ZWEEC has teamed up with Dutch and Belgium companies, developing the next generation of water quality monitoring technology to improve the water systems in Singapore

June - July 2021

Augmenting Capabilities and Performance in Securing Water Safety (Singapore and China)

Jan - Feb 2021

ZWEEC Algapro™ 20S has been mentioned in the news reports by national government media in China: Xinhua News, People's Network, and Hubei Daily

Jan 2021

ZWEEC has achieved a breakthrough in China with the Yangtze River Authority in the identification of planktonic algae in China's waterways

May 2020

The technology behind Algapro™: Multi-target Deep Learning for algal detection and classification

Dec 2018

ZWEEC in Singapore Digital Transformation

Sep 2018

APAC 25 celebrates the top 25 Cleantech companies in Asia Pacific. ZWEEC is one of four Singapore companies that made the cut for Cleantech Group’s APAC 25!

Aug 2018

China CCTV news reporting on AquaTEC along the Yangtze River

Aug 2018

China CCTV news reporting on AquaTEC along the Yangtze River

Jul 2018

2018 SIWW Founding Sponsor – ZWEEC Analytics signs MOU with Western Australia’s Water Corporation

Jul 2018

ZWEEC FAMS is highlighted in PUB's Innovation in Water Vol.10 (p. 14). Safeguarding water security and increasing operational productivity.

Feb 2018

ZWEEC Analytics and the Department of Energy, Abu Dhabi, ink MOU to enhance cooperation for technical capability development

Nov 2017

ZWEEC Analytics and Optiqua Technologies enter into strategic partnership & offer an integrated solution for Early Detection Of Water Quality Incident

Feb 2017

MOU Signing Ceremony for Strategic Cooperation between ZWEEC and Wuhan Sinoeco Ecological Science & Technology Co.Ltd

Jul 2016

ZWEEC signs R&D collaboration with the United States Environment Protection Agency

Sep 2015

ZWEEC takes home double honours - Emerging Enterprise Winner Award 2015 and Best Innovation Award 2015

Sep 2015

ZWEEC conferred PSME 500 2015 recognition

Aug 2014

Waste Water Management for Prevention of Water Pollution in Myanmar

Dec 2012

ZWEEC signs R&D collaboration with Yangtze Valley Water and Environment Monitoring Center

Sep 2012

IBM Global Entrepreneur announces ZWEEC as finalist for the ASEAN SmartCamp

Jul 2012

PUB uses 'fish alert' to monitor clean water: 42 units of FAMS have been deployed across the country

Jul 2012

Feature article in PUB's R&D Publication - Innovation in Water Singapore: Fish Sentinels of Singapore's Water Supply FAMS for raw water monitoring

Jul 2012

ZWEEC Analytics, PUB, and the Institute for Infocomm Research-A*STAR accorded Honor Award at the 2012 IWA Project Innovation Awards Asia Pacific Regional Competition